What to expect

Every session is individual because every person and life story is different

Each session is tailored to your personal needs. You will learn to gain more attention and awareness of your body through various forms of touch, breathing, movement, and talk, which are all adapted for you.

Our intention creates our reality

Wayne Dyer

Setting your intention

The power of intention is the power of a focused mind. The session starts with a conversation to set your aim or intention. I guide and support you by using empathy, deep listening, reflection, and my full attention to helping you gain clarity and understand your true needs.

I will help you to look beyond the surface to create the changes you desire.

  • What are you hoping to change in your life?
  • What are your current challenges?
  • What stops you from creating the change you want for your life?
  • Is there something you wish to let go of?

What your body has to say

Once the intention is set, we explore how those topics manifest in your body. We learn to understand what your body is trying to tell us. Maybe you are holding unnecessary tension or you are avoiding certain emotions and sensations. Mechanisms of self-protection or ways to deal with challenging situations are often unconscious.

I will teach you to notice how physical reactions are connected to how you think and feel in different situations in order to gain more control of your life resulting in more energy, lightness, and clarity. Working with our body and tapping into its resources will help you deal with any challenge, and live the life you want.

Rest and digest

After the hands-on session, we let the body and mind rest and digest. This part of the session helps to integrate and fully embody the experience.

Conclusions and integration through talk

After resting, we discuss together which insights you can take away. What you learned and how you can integrate and use this experience in your daily life.