Somatic Therapy

Feelings of being restricted in certain areas of one’s life, or the sensation that past events limit the free expression in their life today are frequently accompanied by physical discomfort or repetitive emotions. These reasons are often the starting point when clients reach out to me.

A one-on-one session aims to help you break through barriers and tap into your unique sense of strength and purpose; to take life-changing steps towards accomplishing your goals. Connection and support are the keys to encouraging full integration and assists you to accomplish anything you set your mind on.

Depending on the individual goals of my clients, I facilitate a learning process that varies in length and frequency. Often my clients experience a clear and profound emotional / physical change after just a few sessions.

First Session

Find out what Somatic Bodywork can do for you!

  • Letting go of tension and rigidity
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Greater sense of connection to yourself and others
  • Stronger presence, focus and attention
  • Transformation of self-limiting beliefs and habits
  • Gain clarity in making decisions and following what you want in life
  • Deep sense of relaxation
  • Increase of energy levels in the body

80 EUR

for 80 minutes

Life is complicated.
Finding a practitioner shouldn’t be.

A nurturing connection and the ability to feel safe with your practitioner is a big part of healing itself. I understand it is difficult to find a practitioner and approach that fits you and your needs.

Try out risk-free if my approach and tools work for you.

My invitation: If you’re not content with your session, the first session is on me.

Social price model

I am trying to make the benefits of Somatic Bodywork accessible to everyone. In this spirit, I am offering a social price model for people with little or no income. If this is your current situation, talk to me and I am sure we will find a solution.

I’m giving sessions in German and in English!

Do you have any questions?

Good things take time

In contrast to a fast-paced world, I love to take time with my clients!

That is why my sessions last 80 minutes.