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Often we focus so much on the problem that we completely forget about our strengths and resources.

I fully trust that the wisdom to solve the challenges in life is already inside of you. As a specialist in integrative bodywork, I offer individual hands-on sessions and workshops in the field of body awareness and embodiment.  

With somatic bodywork, I teach people to get more in touch with their bodies and to become aware of their strengths and resources. Supporting people on their journey of personal growth and self-actualization is my passion in life!

Somatic Therapy

By reconnecting to our body we can release stuck emotions, trauma, and physical tensions. My sessions can help you to let go of old repetitive patterns of thinking and habitual behaviours.

Our past conclusions might define who we are now, but they don‘t have to dictate our future.

By learning how to improve self-confidence and integrate your past, you are better able to create the life you want and increase health and well-being.

Somatic Bodywork offers an effective way to teach people to connect to themself more fully and find their unique sense of inner strength and purpose.  Confidence, curiosity, and the ability to connect to others are qualities that are in all of us, by connecting to the wisdom of our body we can tap into those qualities.  

My goal is to help you access your truth so you find joy in sharing who you are with your environment. Everyone can contribute to the world with what makes them unique!

Sessions Focused on Physical Recovery

Physical recovery sessions support self-healing from chronic or acutely painful conditions such as back, neck or shoulder pain, digestive issues and migraines as well as many other types of conditions.

Through different forms of touch, breathing, movement, verbal guidance, and attention we can raise energy levels and awareness in the body. The recovery sessions aim to release the blockages and tensions that interfere with the natural healing process of the body.


First Session

Find out what Somatic Bodywork can do for you!

  • Letting go of tension and rigidity
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Greater sense of connection to yourself and others
  • Stronger presence, focus, and attention
  • Transformation of self-limiting beliefs and habits
  • Gain clarity in making decisions and following what you want in life
  • A deep sense of relaxation
  • Increase in energy levels in the body

90 EUR

for 80 minutes

Life is complicated.
Finding a practitioner shouldn’t be.

A nurturing connection and the ability to feel safe with your practitioner is a big part of healing itself. I understand it is difficult to find a practitioner and approach that fits you and your needs.

Try out risk-free if my approach and tools work for you.

My invitation: If you’re not content with your session, the first session is on me.

Follow-up Sessions

90 EUR – 1 session for 80 min

After the first session booking a single session of Somatic Bodywork allows you to connect to your body more fully and find your unique sense of strength and clarity. Even though this work is process-oriented a single session can be very insightful and touching.

Connecting Package

430 EUR – 5 sessions for 80 min

A single experience holds the potential to change one’s life forever but repetition is the mother of learning. To embody what you learn and to fully integrate it into your life, it makes sense to engage in a learning process. Many of my clients experience clear and profound physical and emotional changes after a few sessions.

Embodiment Package

830 EUR – 10 sessions for 80 min

The Embodiment Package is designed for people who want to commit to themselves and their own fascinating learning process. A longer process offers you to truly embody what you learn and to find creative ways in your daily life to practice. Training your (body) awareness allows you to understand your feelings and emotions better. Learn how you can use your attention to actively relax and activate your self-healing powers. The resulting clarity enables you to shape your life more freely and achieve your goals. The Embodiment Package helps me to plan our sessions better and it assists you to commit to your process!

Social price model

I am trying to make the benefits of Somatic Bodywork accessible to everyone. In this spirit, I am offering a social price model for people with little or no income. If this is your current situation, talk to me and I am sure we will find a solution.

I’m giving sessions in German and in English!

Do you have any questions?

Good things take time

In contrast to a fast-paced world, I love to take time with my clients!

That is why my sessions last 80-90 minutes.