About me

Hello, my name is André and I would like to introduce myself. Thank you for your interest!

Personal growth and helping others to grow have been my main focus for more than 10 years now.

As a young adult, I suffered from depression and panic attacks. I fought for many years before I decided to listen to my soul and body.  This led me to dedicate a big part of my life to studying different approaches and investing time in training.

Discovering Somatic Bodywork and the Pantarei Approach was a turning point in my life. I finally could integrate all that I’ve learned into one approach.

I am a licensed personal trainer, massage therapist, pain specialist (Liebscher & Bracht) and a practitioner of the Pantarei Approach. I also work using nutritional advice and herbal remedies.

Along with my deep interest in the mind-body connection and holistic healing, two of my biggest passions are music and travelling. I spent many years travelling the world performing music and working in many different professions. I enjoyed exploring different environments and cultures.

In this exciting time, I got to know many people. I always had a big interest in others and their unique ways of being and how they see life.

After many years of non-stop travelling, I came to a point where I felt the need to ground myself and stay in one place. I had experienced and learned a lot however I struggled with finding my purpose in life. I was depressed and suffered from constant panic attacks. At night I could not sleep and through overeating, I suddenly weighed 110 kg. I didn’t know how, but I knew something had to change. It was the darkest time of my life.

Looking back now, this horrible time has flowed into one of the most life-changing and rewarding events of my life and in a way it changed the entire direction and purpose of my life. I decided then to learn as much as I can about healing the body and mind, I wanted to understand what drives us all and how we connect. This has been the centre of my attention ever since.

It all came together for me when I received my first Somatic Bodywork session. At this moment I knew what I wanted to do and that this is how I want to help people.

Through my own personal process and experience with Somatic Bodywork, it felt like finally all my knowledge and life experiences came together. I could see myself in a completely different light. I felt my strength and my softness.  All that I had learned felt embodied and integrated. It is hard to describe but somehow it felt to me that I finally got the update of who I am now.

Because of my history and struggles and my personal path to recovery and overcoming them, I now want to share my experiences and findings with other people and support them to connect to their inner strength and wisdom.

Going to the unknown

My current profession as a Somatic Bodyworker feels like one of the most rewarding travels I have taken so far. Every session is unique, as all of my clients are.

It is a bit like life itself. You never know what comes next and every moment is a chance to explore life. One of life’s biggest gifts for me is to see my clients grow. To see the impact on their lives and to be a part of it. I’m very touched by being able to connect to them in such a deep and profound way. I’m often amazed at how fast people can transform.

It is beautiful and touching to connect with my clients in this way. I found my purpose in helping others. I want to invite you to be brave and curious and to get to know yourself better.