By reconnecting with our bodies, we create space for our experiences while finding unexpected ways to reach our goals for the future.

Vered Manasse

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Confidence, curiosity, and the ability to connect to others are qualities that are in all of us. By reconnecting to the wisdom of our body, we can tap into those qualities.

Somatic Bodywork is the combination of empathic touch and verbal communication. This holistic approach offers an effective way to teach people to connect to themselves more fully and find their own unique sense of inner strength and purpose.

When I use touch as a language it adds an experience for my client and offers a possibility to feel safe in their skin. This allows for releasing stuck emotions, trauma, and physical tension. Somatic Bodywork is a holistic approach that empowers people on their journey of personal growth and self-actualization. It supports self-healing and reduces anxiety, stuck emotion, and chronic physical symptoms.

Everything flows and nothing remains; there is only an eternal becoming and walking.