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I had my first session with André in the summer of 2020, just a few days after I met someone I ended up moving to Berlin for. In that session, ‚trusting my intuition‘ played a big role. It was this session that gave me the final encouragement to follow my heart and explore this new love in my life. This week I finally had my second session with André, and again the focus was on my relationship. This time, André encouraged me to let go, to trust, and to surrender to the love I feel from my partner. It was a deeply moving session that showed me a lot about where I’m still holding on to the idea that it’s not okay for me to need someone or to ask for help. Even a few days after our session, I can still feel that I’m softer, slower, more present – and therefore more connected to myself and my partner. Thanks, André! I’m looking forward to our next session already!

Von Irina

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